Light Locker problems - existing bug reports

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at
Mon Apr 7 21:51:15 UTC 2014


Please take a look at the following list and see if any of them resemble
one of your symptoms.


On 04/07/2014 04:10 PM, Jimmie Houchin wrote:
> Hello,
> I have had this frustrating problem with Xubuntu 14.04 Beta 2 and
> updated.
> Anytime my screen gets blanked, it is also locked.
> Every time it is locked and is blanked, I lose the session to a blank
> screen after login. I have found nothing that allows me to resume from
> this condition.
> This causes a loss of time and sometimes work. I have even uninstalled
> and installed Crunchbang out of frustration. But I have decided I
> would rather attempt to participate in the process and see how I can
> help to get it fixed.
> This occurs when the screen is blanked by any means and is also locked
> at the same time.
> If I lock the screen manually and the screen is not blanked. I can log
> back in just fine.
> If I turn off Light Locker and blank the screen. I can resume just fine.
> If I turn off Light Locker and suspend. I can resume just fine.
> If I manually lock the screen and close the lid on my laptop, it
> automatically instantly suspends and I am messed up.
> If Light Locker is off and I close the lid it does not suspend. I have
> all of the Power settings to do nothing with the lid close.
> If I set Light Locker - Blank screen - never, Switch off display -
> never, Lock on suspend - Off. Then I can close the lid without
> consequence, provide I did not lock the screen.
> But, if I update, or something else I am not aware of, the Light
> Locker settings will change to something I have never set it at. And
> if I close the lid, unaware of these changes, I am messed up.
> I do like the ability to lock the computer. I do not require Light
> Locker to manage my display or suspend. I use the Power settings for
> that.
> Any help fixing this greatly appreciated.
> Until then, Light Locker will remain turned off.
> Hopefully this will be fixed before final.
> Thanks.
> Jimmie Houchin

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