QA Status - MkII

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Tue Sep 17 06:11:23 UTC 2013

I'm going to be missing from the meeting - so I'll update you all via 
the list. Generally I've been quite pleased with what has gone on QA 
wise this cycle - lots of people pulling together makes for light work.

There are a couple of bugs worrying me - I realise there are more than a 
couple but ...

The lightdm lock bug - which I see was being discussed overnight and

Even with all the talk in -devel re gtk indicators - I'm not sure at all 
where we stand, nor where we are anticipating being when we release


Manual testcases - all the testcases we had bugs for are finished. 
Excellent result.

Which leads neatly to package testing - status of those at present (16th 
September) is

Mandatory  - 12/12 (tests/results)
Run-once   - 4/5
Optional     -  13/22

Bugs found in those are as follows

Bugs responsible for testcase FAIL

Bugs reported during testcase


Auto testing - continues to be an issue we need to get to the bottom of. 
There has been a bit of talk in the QA circles re getting that to work 
with GTK - check QA blueprint .

Actually getting any hard and fast idea of how this will work for us is 
a bit like building with water ...

But if we can get autotests written then we don't need to worry too much 
any more as it will all be dealt with by jenkins.


ISO testing - this is much the same as with the last cycles I've been 
about - not much happens until we ask.


Increasing tester base - there is an effort by QA generally to try and 
increase the testing numbers for flavours - Jackson took that task for 
us. Hopefully that will impact on that last point


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