Next Xubuntu community meeting

Benoit frombenny at
Thu Oct 17 20:55:26 UTC 2013

I won't participate as for any irc meeting (I'm French and the 
discussion is too quick for me).

But I want to point out an issue especially for a LTS version of 
Xubuntu. The update manager should wipe older kernels (keep only the 
last 3). When a version must work for a that long period, with old 
computers with not that much space available, 250MB times 20 or 30 old 
kernels still installed on that machines !!! It broke the system for 
some of those 12.04LTS I followed up.


Le 17/10/2013 20:50, Pasi Lallinaho a écrit :
> Hey,
> the next Xubuntu community meeting is at
>     Thursday, October 24 at 15UTC
> on #xubuntu-devel on the Freenode IRC network.
> Agenda is in the Xubuntu wiki [1]. As usual, feel free to add items to 
> agenda as long as you are willing to outline and lead the discussion.
> Cheers,
> Pasi
> [1]

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