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I've been trying to find the command line options to upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10.  Can someone point me to a page?   I've been googling, but can't find the right link :(





If you insist upgrading from the CLI, run "do-release-upgrade -d".


I did the do-release-upgrade -d on a test imac with win8 and os x.  The install succeeded and things are working fine. 

Just before I upgraded I had added a second monitor and figured out that running:

xrandr --output DVI-0 --right-of LVDS

I can get dual monitor capability.  I followed some instructions on adding this command in Settings Manager/Session and Startup/Application Autostart, but it does not seem to run or does not run at the right time.  I looked in ~/.config/autostart and a dual-monitors.desktop is there.  But this is probably a question for another list.  I had added the command to autostart after the upgrade after finding that the xrandr command was working properly after the upgrade.

Thanks for the help.

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