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Tue Nov 26 21:45:11 UTC 2013

*Where we are*

We've made a start, faltering, but a start at least on testing images 
and packages for the Trusty release.

Currently (26/11/13)  there are:

    3 reported tests for 64bit over the last 27 days
    10 reported tests for 32bit for the same period.

Package testing is faring slightly better with 11 of the 12 mandatory 
tests having been run once (or at least reported) - none of the run-once 
or optional packages have been tested. for dailies for

In 3 weeks we'll hit the first Alpha milestone. I hope by then to be 
able to report an uptick in reported numbers.

*Where we're going*

We've got 34 people currently active in xubuntu-testers [1] - let's get 
some of those numbers translating into test results.

To try and help with this we have started to post QA related items on 
the website - these in turn get posted to Twitter and Facebook pages - 
we're hoping to increase our testing footprint by doing so.

Release seems a long way from us at present - but it's not.

In addition we will shortly be in a position to start testing some of 
the planned additions for this release [2] [3], which is going to 
increase the pressure on our testers.

We know that we have the people out there testing - we had 27 people 
reporting against various tests, both for images and packages.
//Every test that gets run increases the chance of bugs being found, but 
for us to know, it is important that any test run is reported on the 




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