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Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Mon Nov 11 20:17:52 UTC 2013

On 10/11/13 21:06, Ted Cox wrote:
> Howdy. I'd like to contribute to the documentation team. I've used
> X/Ubuntu exclusively for almost 6 years and come from a
> writing/journalism background. Software documentation, however, is
> very, very, very new to me.
> Jack tells me the team uses Docbook and bzr. I'll be taking some time
> learning those. In the meantime, if there's anything I can do to help,
> let me know. I'm excited to really get involved.
> Ted

It doesn't hurt at all to get to know the team; if you can, join us at
#xubuntu-devel on the Freenode IRC network [1]. Just bravely shout out
-- people will be able to help you with this and that, including Bzr and
Docbook. Eventually you notice you know a good bunch of people and have
the skills to start contributing.

Thanks for the interest and welcome!
Pasi Lallinaho (knome @Freenode)
Xubuntu Project Lead


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