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Sat Nov 2 08:46:58 UTC 2013

I'm not going to be at the meeting later this week, but I need to get 
some things out to you for Thursday's blueprint meeting.

Can the team _please_ comment on the pads where applicable and here.

I'll trust you all to deal with the meeting side for me :)

Image testing*

Autopilot - when it turns up, is penned for the first milestone - 
however there are no guarantees and no telling /who's/ first milestone. 
Might be the first Ubuntu milestone ...

Spoke to Dan in the QA channel who's working on this

    /"Basically the tests cover multiple aspects of the install so
    pretty much follows the same processes as the current manual tests
    do.  So checking each  page has the correct entries,labels, images
    etc  which varies depending on the install scenario i.e lvm, manual
    partition etc. The plan is to cover all possible scenarios so resize
    testing is the next on my list."/

That would cover all of our current image testing scenarios.

What it doesn't do is check anything that we'd actually physically see - 
all it's going to do is check that an image install as expected, Dan is 
hoping/working on it to reboot the vm to check that the image installs 
and allows it to be run

I'm not sure that this is going to put us in a better position than we 
currently are, at least until we're sure of the results. So calls for 
Image testing will be as previous cycles.

*Package testing*

At present we're no further forward with autopilot than we were before. 
There's not much that I can do with this - not being able to code is a 
massive handicap - to be frank, someone else needs to run with this - 
thanks lderan :)

It would be good to at least get a definitive - "yes we'll manage to get 
this into testing this cycle" or a "no, we'll never manage to get it in" 
before too much longer.

I anticipate us using the package tracker how we started to last cycle.

What I need to do is get some sort of plan together.

For that I propose that we focus on the 5 groupings that we currently 
have there.

I also think that we should set our own schedule for this, while we 
could use the generic schedule when it arrives - there's no guarantees 
that it will actually suit us.

Given that I need to start planning - I'm going to assume that nothing 
new is going to be released for Trusty.

A draft plan for this is at

You can see from there that there are 12 weeks with neither planned 
package or image testing.

*Package testing - new to land apps*

Please make sure that I get information on anything we are going to want 
testing at the earliest opportunity; including PPAs people will need to 
use to be able to test these things.

We'll just have to roll with these as and when they come up - better for 
us to be a smaller team probably here, not so much inertia to slow down 
and change direction :)

I know we are looking at GTK3 indicator support and mugshot amongst 
others, we've got both menulibre and whisker menu on the roadmap wiki at 
the moment - I assume we'll not be needing both - or am I wrong?

xubuntu-core: how much, if any, testing is going to be needed for this?

Would be useful if we can fit anything new into free weeks.

*Post Install testing*

We currently have 2 testcases - 1 is mandatory, the other run-once.

Propose we stop these 2 testcases and create 2 new ones.

1 to cover those hardware tests we want to run, the other software.

What we don't want to do (in my opinion) is run tests for anything 
currently covered in the package tracker for us.

I've started work on these at and

Please look and have at them.


*Testing Calls*

Up to now we have just used the -dev m/l to call for this.

I am sure that we should at least make the same calls to the user list 
too - at least when it comes to milestone testing.

I've got a roundup of the Saucy cycle from my perspective draft at the 
blog - I'd like to be able to post calls and regular updates during this 
next cycle there too - but if we do that, then they need to be 'out' and 
seen as soon as is practical.

I'd also like to be able to get the same calls listed on all of the 
social media outlets we have. I assume I need to hassle Lyz for this :)


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