About Wi-Fi Configuration on Xubuntu 13.10

Xiangyu Bu xybu92 at live.com
Fri Nov 1 05:24:37 UTC 2013

Hello Xubuntu,

I am new here, and I don't know if it is a good place to ask question/make suggestions on mailing list. I have some concern with the Wi-Fi connection functionality in Xubuntu. 

When I tried to install Xubuntu 13.10 on a laptop, I found that the installer cannot configure Wi-Fi smartly, by which, I mean, my Wi-Fi uses WPA2 PEAP MSCHAP-v2 encryption, and therefore needs both a username and a password to log in, but the installer only provides the field for password; you cannot type username. So at installation time, I cannot connect to my Wi-Fi (and failed to download grub for UEFI package and the whole installation became useless at the last step...).

There was same issue on Windows before version 8.1, and iOS before version 7, but now Windows 8.1 and iOS 7 can detect the encryption method and ask both password AND username if needed.

Another thing is that in Xubuntu desktop environment, when I want to connect to the Wi-Fi, it shows many properties waiting to be configured. Using the same Wi-Fi I mentioned before, I have to choose everything like WPA2, PEAP, and MSCHAP-v2, and so on, and none of the default options is the one I want. May it be changed smartly so that I can find the proper options for the Wi-Fi signal automatically? In Windows, Intel MyWiFi utility gives roughly same amount of (annoying) properties but all of them are pre-configured automatically well so a user doesn't have to choose every item one by one.

I do love the ability to set every details, but it doesn't hurt if those things can be done at system's side so users can use it without extra work. I wonder if these kinds of stuff can be built into the system; or please tell me if I am using the system in an incorrect way.


Sincerely,Xiangyu Bu 		 	   		  
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