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Stephen Michael Kellat skellat at
Fri May 31 00:55:29 UTC 2013

I commend the article by John C. Dvorak at the following link to the team for consideration:,2817,2419744,00.asp

Mr. Dvorak reacts in the article to the closing of Launchpad Bug #1 today by Mark Shuttleworth with a "Fix Released" which was explained here:   

I concur with Mr. Dvorak that while technical superiority is great the problem is marketing and sales.  I additionally agree that a shift back to a mainframe-dominated computing paradigm seems to be in the cards much as Mr. Dvorak and I discussed about five years ago.  Mr. Dvorak's remarks fall in line with comments by Software Freedom Conservacy President Bradley Kuhn here:

As we begin the Saucy Salamander cycle, perhaps we need to consider what a world would look like with major deployments of Xubuntu in 100 to 1,000 seat environments.  What would that look like?  How would we position that?  What is the value we bring in today's computing world with our technological distinctives?

Again, these are just things to think about as we dig into ops this cycle.

Stephen Michael Kellat

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