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Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph <lyz at> wrote:

> On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 6:23 PM, Jackson Doak <noskcaj at>
> wrote:
> > to my knowledge, all clients do. vuze and transmission (the
> > default) has capabilities for both.
> > The extent of work is 30 minutes by one person to make a magnet
> > link and put it on the website.
> > Implementing this would give us one more thing to be the first to
> > do.
> Is this 30 minutes of work that would have to be done every time a new
> iso is spun up (so, daily for dev images)? Are you include time to
> test these in the 30 minutes? And does it require editing of the
> .torrent file that the release team publishes?
> I'm wondering if this is a discussion better held Ubuntu-wide rather
> than just being done for a single flavor, with the maintenance
> overhead falling solely upon us. I'm also wondering on our end if
> we're trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist, and spending
> precious time doing it (even if we only update them upon release,
> release day is already quite insane with us for the number of things
> we have to update and limited people power!). I haven't seen evidence
> that a lot of people download a .torrent and believe it's an .iso
> image (or how this would solve that - an error if they don't have a
> torrent client? wouldn't that cause them to believe they can't
> download it at all?)
> As an aside, since I run all my Ubuntu torrents on a headless server I
> prefer access to the .torrent link so I can just wget it on my server.
> I had no idea what a magnet link was until reading this thread and am
> still not fully clear on the benefit.


At this point, I'd hold back on Ubuntu-wide discussion simply because the Release Team would be the folks who would need to take action on it and they've been having some interesting conundrums of their own they need to solve right now.  I know some builders have been repeatedly dying on them according to the IRC logs and they've been getting pretty frustrated over that.  This has had a trickle down effect on the pending stable release update queue which has been out of sync a couple times combined with Launchpad taking quite a while on builds.  For the ISO download pages that get generated that have zsync links and torrent links...they are the folks who create that who manage the building scripts and other automation.

If the current tempo of virtual UDS events continues, we may well have an event in August where the matter can be put to the Release Team by then for consideration.  What would be extremely helpful at this time would be the creation of documentation.  This would not necessarily be for xubuntu-docs at the moment.  Making sub-pages to your page would be a great place to start.  From there we can look at what can be migrated to other parts of the wiki infrastructure or into xubuntu-docs perhaps.  Once we've got sufficient documentation in place, we may be able to then approach the Release Team with a request to see what they think.  

How does that sound to you?

Stephen Michael Kellat

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