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Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Sat May 25 17:46:31 UTC 2013

Hey Kyle,

I'm adding the Xubuntu-devel mailing list to the recipients, since 
that's where we cooperate development discussion for Xubuntu.

Comments inline.

On 25/05/13 18:50, Kyle Sabara wrote:
> Hello,
>       My name is Kyle Sabara and I would like to work with your Xubuntu
> web team.

First of all, thanks for your interest!

> I'm 15 but I can assure you I know how to code CSS and HTML5.
> I hold 2 certifications, one in Adobe Photoshop CS5, as well as one in
> Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. I'd like to also note that I am going for my
> Adobe Flash CS5 certification and hope to get it soon. I like linux and
> most important to me is the XFCE flavor that I do run on an old PC. I do
> have some works on the web, in fact I'm going to Nationals in California
> this year for FBLA in the Web Design event. I know, you think just
> because I have a Dreamweaver certification means I don't actually know
> how to code what-so-ever, but I actually always code with Notepad++
> because I don't like the drag and drop software environment that
> Dreamweaver creates, along with the annoying bugs you sometimes have to
> comb your document for.

Don't worry; we don't judge people based on their age or certificates 
they may or may not have. All contributions are welcome as long as they 
make sense and the community can agree on the results they bring with them.

> I already have a couple ways for integration of social networking
> into your site. One way would be to add a Twitter app where you have
> Xubuntu Twitter Feed on your site, perhaps on the homepage? Another
> thing you can add to increase Xubuntu's networking would be to add a
> Facebook Like button, a Google+ button, and a Twitter button if you will
> which I'm not sure if you know this but a Twitter button is included on
> the Twitter Feed you can integrate.

This is something the web/marketing/Xubuntu team should discuss in general.

So far we haven't specifically worked to get much of the social 
networking showing on the site. This is partly because we only recently 
set up most of the social networking sites. On the other hand, while the 
social networking outlets are "official", they are community-run and we 
aren't controlling their content too much. While we trust the 
administrators, it's not certain that all communication and comments 
made on the social networks is something we want to automatically 
integrate to our website.

If we decide to add things like this, it should be easy enough with 
existing WordPress plugins.

> Also, I'd like to point out that you guys don't really have a full
> navigation bar on your site making a lack in usability.

We are constantly working on the site and even as I write this mail, 
we're under process for improvements on the site. However, all feedback 
is welcome: do you have any mockups or ideas for the navigation bar?

> Another
> suggestion I have is that you can add more pictures to your site in the
> tour and inside the changing image slider on the homepage; because
> people really want to see you glorify the project and most of all,
> potential users need to know the look and feel of the software, and
> pictures of the Xubuntu user interface are a good way to go.

I agree!

As long as somebody takes more screenshots which are recent, we're good 
to add them. In addition, we're working to make the frontpage slider 
images slightly bigger with the next website update.

> I hope some
> of these ideas show some of the creative skills I can contribute to the
> team.
>       I feel like getting involved in this project  can help me build a
> portfolio and help me in my future.I am a technology enthusiast and I
> love coding HTML. I don't claim to know everything but I would love to
> expand my knowledge by contributing some work for an open source
> organization where anyone can get involved and share ideas.

Open source can definitely help with your CV as long as it isn't your 
only (or primary) goal.

> Thank you again for taking time out of your lives to read this
> statement.
> Sincerely,
> Kyle Sabara

About joining teams and getting access to resources: we generally have a 
"contributions before membership" policy. In other words, start 
following development discussions, get familiar with the community 
processes and people and when you've been around a while, get your hands 
dirty [1].

Welcome to our community!


[1] http://xubuntu.org/contribute/

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