New Method of Following Packages with QA tracker

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Tue May 21 22:14:15 UTC 2013

There has been talk in #ubuntu-quality about a new method of following 
specific packages throughout the whole cycle, rather than for a week at 
a time.

This is in addition to the current image testing which will still go on 

We have some example/prototypes (these are likely to change with no 
notice, hence the current screenshots as attached)  to look at [1]

which is an overview of packages that we can follow, or

which is following one package throughout the whole cycle.

I prefer the 2nd more detailed type - we can follow things for as short 
or long a time as we want to, and given that we quite often are looking 
for people to test things at short notice it could well be helpful to 
the way we have to work.

What we need to know now, apart from thoughts on the whole idea, is what 
packages the team thinks we should use this for.

Personally I can see a case for both short and long milestones, if we 
get xfce4.12 into the mix then I'd assume having the ability to watch 
bugs and test for longer periods is going to help us as a team.

The over-riding point being that we can use this new system how we want to.



for the QA team



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