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On 07/05/13 01:54, Stephen Michael Kellat wrote:
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>> As I said before, these times are more or less problematic, but on the
>> other hand, during the vUDS days, there aren't better times either.
>> Being able to reflect on the discussion in UDS is definitely a benefit.
> vUDS has some pretty interesting scheduling that results in wacky hours for Jono Bacon out in California as it is.  The times focus very well on the UK and the US East Coast and go haywire for others.  The times work out pretty inconveniently for everybody.

Sure. The most important thing is to get as many people involved as
possible, and I'm willing to bend my daily routines. Not that I didn't
stay up until 2am anyway...

>>> The Kubuntu folks are talking about meeting separately from the main UDS sessions using the audio-conferencing tech known as Mumble.  As Pasi has noted he does not wish to use Google+ and Google Hangouts that is one option we are ruling out.  We have to narrow down the options availble to us to see what we could use.  
>> Generally, I prefer AV over audio only. I'm fine with G+ if it seems to
>> be our only option and the best for others. At least as long as Google
>> lets me deactivate the G+ part of my account.
> To the best of my knowledge you can't kill the G+ part off separate from everything else.  The only reason I go with having it even though I'd rather not is that I'm the Leader for the Ohio LoCo and need to be able to manage our page on G+.  I'll also need to go buy a new camera after the last-minute comical lash-up of disparate systems I went with in vUDS-1303.

I know you can, I've done it twice. It's not a huge catastrophe if I
can't leave, but I rather would.

I don't want to be tied to any social networking site to be able to run
videoconferences. I appreciate how Google has brought a relatively easy
to use system for the masses but I don't think it's the ideal solution
for us. I'm also aware that there are more arguments against using G+
and I don't want to put anybody in an uncomfortable position. This is
why I want us to explore other solutions.

>> We should be in touch with the Kubuntu people and share ideas on organizing.
> Darkwing handles organizing the use of Mumble on their side, I think.  I listened to their single session's recording and it covered far more ground than a single Hangout session did during vUDS.  One of the things that bugged me from vUDS-1303 was that being on-camera made it hard to also keep an eye on what was going on in IRC.

Personally I don't think this is a big problem. It's all about
organizing. I don't mind keeping up with IRC while videoconferencing.
Somebody also needs to take notes. We can do it in Etherpad, or
alternatively we can use meetingology and take the notes in IRC. It's
not really collaborative editing, but it's a way to drop off one
unnecessary technology, if we want.

>>> In terms of order, I would like to go through only a single blueprint each night.  My proposed order is:
>>> May 14th: Development & Milestone Participation
>>> May 15th: Software
>>> May 16th: Forward-Looking Issues
>> I would probably leave the Software blueprint as the last one as it is
>> something that we can cover up even without an AV conference. Also, I'm
>> pretty certain we will talk more or less about the future in the first
>> session already.
>> Since we're having these sessions, we should review what went right and
>> wrong during Raring and how we can improve. I imagine this will pop up
>> during several items from the blueprints as well, but it might be
>> beneficial to start with a quick recap at the beginning of the first
>> session. This would both help us orientate as well as check that the
>> technical side is working before we get into the other subjects.
> The recap will definitely come up on the first night out of necessity introducing things.  I have no problems swapping things around.  The goal is to make discussions productive and not run on forever.
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Definitely, I'm sure the agenda will change more or less as we go.


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