PROPOSAL: Three Nights of Xubuntu

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Mon May 6 22:10:22 UTC 2013

On 06/05/13 22:03, Stephen Michael Kellat wrote:
> Good morning/afternoon/evening (please delete as appropriate).
> We've got three blueprints up to set out discussion for the upcoming cycle.
> Xubuntu Issues: The "Saucy" Cycle -- Development & Milestone Participation
> Xubuntu Issues: The "Saucy" Cycle -- Software
> Xubuntu Issues: The "Saucy" Cycle -- Forward-Looking Issues
> With the way the schedule for UDS-1305 is shaping up, I'd like to propose shifting our discussions to after the UDS hours instead.  If we could have our discussions between 2000 and 2200 UTC on each of the three days we would be able to reflect on what happened at UDS and also not be over-booked.  I know that during the last virtual UDS I wound up over-booked in one time slot in three separate panels.  This would also help include Australian colleagues in participation too.

As I said before, these times are more or less problematic, but on the
other hand, during the vUDS days, there aren't better times either.
Being able to reflect on the discussion in UDS is definitely a benefit.

> The Kubuntu folks are talking about meeting separately from the main UDS sessions using the audio-conferencing tech known as Mumble.  As Pasi has noted he does not wish to use Google+ and Google Hangouts that is one option we are ruling out.  We have to narrow down the options availble to us to see what we could use.  

Generally, I prefer AV over audio only. I'm fine with G+ if it seems to
be our only option and the best for others. At least as long as Google
lets me deactivate the G+ part of my account.

We should be in touch with the Kubuntu people and share ideas on organizing.

> In terms of order, I would like to go through only a single blueprint each night.  My proposed order is:
> May 14th: Development & Milestone Participation
> May 15th: Software
> May 16th: Forward-Looking Issues

I would probably leave the Software blueprint as the last one as it is
something that we can cover up even without an AV conference. Also, I'm
pretty certain we will talk more or less about the future in the first
session already.

Since we're having these sessions, we should review what went right and
wrong during Raring and how we can improve. I imagine this will pop up
during several items from the blueprints as well, but it might be
beneficial to start with a quick recap at the beginning of the first
session. This would both help us orientate as well as check that the
technical side is working before we get into the other subjects.

> If we proceed that way we can first nail down our milestone participation which can then be communicated to the release team, then talk about our software issues, and then finally talk about forward-looking issues at the very end after all sorts of issues are likely to be raised at UDS.
> An example of what the time zone conversion would look like in selected cities across the planet can be seen here:
> Is this a way forward we would like to proceed with to ensure we have maximum participation?
> Stephen Michael Kellat


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