Global Menu Bar integration on firefox

Bruno Benitez gridcube at
Wed Mar 27 13:57:43 UTC 2013

Hi Adjal, many of your questions and suggerences would be more useful and
easily respondend on the IRC channels of xubuntu. If you could log in
there, we could explain and hear your ideas in a more orderly manner.

I'm not speaking for nobody else than me, and i dont intend to stop you
from using this channel of communication, I just think it would be better
for you, and us all, if you just logged into the IRC channels for xubuntu.

And in order to answer your question, xubuntu installs the same firefox
package than the rest of ubuntu, so it cames complete with all the twerks
and specs it needs for any *buntu desktop you happen to want to run.

2013/3/27 Abderraouf Adjal <abderraouf.adjal at>

> Global Menu Bar integration on Firefox, it is on Xubuntu, and Xubuntu with
> XFCE4, not Unity, so why it is existing?
> Excuse me for the question if it is without meaning for you, but I'm a
> newbie :)
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