Please Remove those default ridiculous games.

Eero Tamminen oak at
Tue Mar 26 18:45:15 UTC 2013


On tiistai 26 maaliskuu 2013, Abderraouf Adjal wrote:
> I have a suggestion please focus it.
> Please Remove those default ridiculous games.

Please list which ones you're talking about and what problem(s)
you have with them.

Note that when considering defaults, they need to be accessible to
normal users.

While some games might also have issues in requiring HW features not
available for everybody or not being robust enough, I think one of
the main reasons for rejecting most of them is lack of translations
to languages supported by Xubuntu.

If you e.g. install Xubuntu for your retired relative who doesn't know
any english, s/he needs to be able to know how to close a game s/he 
accidentally started.

Default apps are mainly for "computer-clueless" people.  People
who know a bit more, are perfectly capable of installing their
own games.  Doing a one-liner like this is a no-brainer:
	sudo apt-get install $(cat my-preferred-games-list.txt)

	- Eero

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