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Colorwheel OS djs at colorwheel-os.com
Tue Mar 26 12:26:02 UTC 2013

> From: "Scott Moore" <scottbomb at hotmail.com>
> Agreed.  Except for the greeter color scheme, 13.04 is looking great.
> It looks like they have finally gotten Thunar to work correctly with
> browsing
> network shares. Previously, it was hit-and-miss, even with
> gvfs-backends installed. It works so well in fact that I have finally
> dumped Nautilus. And
> besides, I didn't care for the new look of Nautilus anyway. I'm also
> using the xfce 4.12 beta and it also, finally, supports dual-monitor setups
> quite
> nicely whereas before I had to rely on my own hacked-together arandr
> script that didn't quite work as well as I had wanted it. All in all, I'm
> liking
> Xubuntu even better with every new release.

100% agreement with this post. I had forgotten about the dual-monitor
setup-- my wife had that issue and it held her back when using 12.04. 13.04
is a massive improvement there.

> From: Jackson Doak <doak.jackson at gmail.com>
> the only thing to do now is fix the login mansger, and lock screen

It does seem that the colors have inverted in the box. I thought that was
stylistic, and rather nice looking :)

> From: Abderraouf Adjal <abderraouf.adjal at gmail.com>
> Hello
> There are two idea to improve Xubuntu
> One:
> at the file managet (thunar) add make all files executable . And not only a
> particular file type.

For a novice user, would I be wrong in assuming that's kind of dangerous,
considering a .deb file does just what most people migrating from Windows
expect an .exe file to do, oblivious to the difference between extracting a
directory to effect installation and running a script to do so. While I
realize that would take an advanced type of novice to do (download a bad
archive thinking they can compile the source, realizing they can't, going
to the wrong folder and authorizing executable) I can't really see an
advantage over keeping that particular feature terminal-based.

Or maybe I am being paranoid.

From: Eero Tamminen <oak at helsinkinet.fi>

> What programs work with it can change quite radically with the Wine
> versions, as can readily be seen from the Wine AppDB.  It would just
> give people false expectations about what thing work.
> Wine is great software, but it can easily be installed afterwards,
> similarly to many other (large) programs.

This is true. Obviously we'll never have full compatibility as Windows
keeps changing as well.  On the other hand, it looks fantastic in the menu.

From: Abderraouf Adjal <abderraouf.adjal at gmail.com>
> *Wine is not secure, where possible user is running a program that
> contains a
> virus.*
> *however, they will stay in the wine directory (~/.wine).*
> Abderraouf A.

Leading to one of the best Linux quotes I have read, and my gracefully
withdrawing the Wine request: "Wine has advanced enough to make Linux not
immune to Windows viruses. However, just like many Wine applications, it
takes a bit of effort to get the program off the ground."

Thanks! I'll be back if anything weird and critical happens.
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