Beta 1 testing.

Joshua O'Leary jmoey139 at
Fri Mar 22 22:01:19 UTC 2013

What areas does the Xubuntu team particularly need help with at the 
moment? I can do some programming in C, though haven't yet fully got the 
hang of packaging etc. I don't mind doing occasional tests of the live 
images when I have time (have started to do this), I have an old 
computer with a hard drive spare. Are there any other areas in need of 
contribution? Xubuntu is great, really unlocks the potential of any PC, 
and I wouldn't mind helping out where I can.

On 11/03/13 23:52, Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 12:25 PM, Jackson Doak <doak.jackson at> wrote:
>> could everyone start testing the beta 1 images
> The beta1 images have been spun up for testing, so you'll want to use
> this link to test:
> We've also published a blog post with some pointers about testing:
> Thanks everyone!

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