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2013/3/4 Scott Moore <scottbomb at>

> I'm looking to get serious about Xubuntu testing. I'd like to contribute
> to the project but until my coding skills are up to par, I'm interested in
> testing daily and/or alpha releases. I installed the Raring daily ISO into
> VirtualBox and I'm checking out different things like desktop settings,
> bash commands, etc. Just kinds of experimenting, seeing if any problems pop
> up.
> Is this the correct way to go about it? How can I be most useful as a
> tester? Is there a web page that shows specific things developers would
> like tested? There is a lot of information on stuff like submitting test cases to Launchpad. Should I go this route
> or is there something more specific to Xubuntu that I should follow?
> Thanks!
> Scott Moore
> Austin, TX
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Hello Scott, the first thing you should have its a launchpad account, then
you should go to
there you will find proper explanations of each test case and procedurals.
I would very much recommend you to join the #xubuntu-devel channel on
freenode to get in touch and coordinate with other testers so no
duplication of efforts are done. :) thanks for your interest and good luck.

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