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Hi Charlie,

Wish you a great life ahead. 

We will miss you for sure, man !!

God bless you


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On 04/03/13 22:37, Charlie Kravetz wrote:
> After much thinking and consideration, I am resigning from all Ubuntu
> related activities. I can no longer say I agree with most of the
> decisions being made by Canonical. While I wish this distribution all
> the best, I can not consider myself of something that I am no longer
> finding expresses my ideals and actions. I will also be resigning my
> Ubuntu membership.
> For those wishing to keep in touch, I will remain active on google+ and
> will maintain my email at charlie.kravetz
> AT
> gmail
> com
> Thanks to everyone for fantastic memories.

Hey Charie,

all the good in the future for you too.


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