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Thu Jun 27 09:19:05 UTC 2013

On 27/06/13 01:07, Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:22 PM, Jeff Hanson <jephhanson at> wrote:
>> I wanted to quickly share our project with you:
>> There is lots of info on our website, but basically we set up computer
>> labs for non-profits around the developing world and many in Milwaukee, WI
>> where we are from.
>> We're working around our 17th or 18th project at the moment (Here's a
>> little map/photos: and every computer
>> we've donated has been running, you guessed it! Xubuntu!
> Hi Jeff,
> This is really cool! I've been hoping to do some interviews of
> organizations that are using Xubuntu for (who you are,
> what you do, why Xubuntu is valuable to your org), would you be
> interested in such an interview? :)

Yes, please! (Just a reminder for myself that we still have another 
similar article pending from a local university of applied science)

If you're not an active contributor, I would say this mailing list is 
the best place to send feedback. However please note that if you propose 
changes to Xubuntu via the mailing list and aren't involved in the 
community otherwise, it's possible that they remain as wishlist-level 
items – if you want changes to happen, you should get into the loop a 
bit deeper.

The beginning of the cycle is always the optimal time to send feedback. 
As we're working on a regular release, not LTS (next one being 14.04), 
we can generally allow some bigger changes, of course as long as there 
are people that will work on the things and get them in shape for 13.10. 
With LTS releases we are less likely to change most things.


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