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Wed Jun 26 22:41:54 UTC 2013

On 26/06/13 23:07, Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:22 PM, Jeff Hanson <jephhanson at> wrote:
>> I wanted to quickly share our project with you:
>> There is lots of info on our website, but basically we set up computer
>> labs for non-profits around the developing world and many in Milwaukee, WI
>> where we are from.
>> We're working around our 17th or 18th project at the moment (Here's a
>> little map/photos: and every computer
>> we've donated has been running, you guessed it! Xubuntu!
> Hi Jeff,
> This is really cool! I've been hoping to do some interviews of
> organizations that are using Xubuntu for (who you are,
> what you do, why Xubuntu is valuable to your org), would you be
> interested in such an interview? :)
Thanks for jumping in here.

I'm bad - not very social platform orientated - so can never really 
point properly - they are where?


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