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On 26/06/13 21:18, Jackson Doak wrote:
> welcome aboard istimsak.
> If you need something to start on, both xubuntu and ubuntu need more 
> testcases, both automatic and manual.


Automatic testing is slowly gaining pace - any help there will be 
welcome. [1]

Manual testcases - we're digging our way through these slowly - some are 
more important than others. [2]

> On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 4:23 AM, Pasi Lallinaho 
> <pasi at <mailto:pasi at>> wrote:
>     On 26/06/13 21:02, Istimsak Abdulbasir wrote:
>>     I am a member of the ubuntu QATeam. Xubuntu has been the ubuntu
>>     flavor where the highest interest has been expressed. I am
>>     requesting permission to offer my assistance to help aid the
>>     development of xubuntu. Together, we can go further.
>>     Istimsak Abdulbasir
>     Hey Istimsak,
>     you're most definitely free to help us out! If you want to do
>     testing for Xubuntu, the procedures are exactly the same as for
>     Ubuntu -- we use the ISO tracker too and for us as a smaller
>     flavor, every test counts!
As a quick way to start helping with Xubuntu - this is probably the 
simplest way to help us.

You certainly don't need permission to help, but letting us know_what 
you can do _will make it easier for us to help you get to the right place.

>     If you are interested in helping with other things (in addition),
>     #xubuntu-devel (in the Freenode IRC network) is a good place to
>     get to know other contributors. Naturally, you can also reply to
>     this mail and ask on the mailing list.
>     Welcome, and thanks for your interest!
>     Pasi
>     -- 
>     Pasi Lallinaho (knome)                      »
>     Leader of Shimmer Project and Xubuntu       »
>     Graphic artist, webdesigner, Ubuntu member  »
>     --
>     xubuntu-devel mailing list
>     xubuntu-devel at <mailto:xubuntu-devel at>
At the end of the day, we're pleased you want to help. We'll help you 
help us.

Ask questions :)



Xubuntu QA Lead
Ubuntu Forum Council Member

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