Alphas - opting in/out : Cadence testing

Elfy ub.untu at
Fri Jun 14 16:45:41 UTC 2013

At the meeting this week we decided to opt out of Alpha1 and concentrate 
on Alpha 2 and 3.

The release schedule has now been amended. [1]

There is no Alpha3, only 1 and 2

Alpha1 is due June 27th which is sometime around Cadence week 2

Alpha2 is due July 25th (between cadence weeks 3 and 4)

Are we going to now work with Alpha1 and 2 - I assume so.

Beta 1 is due August 29th

Final Beta due September 26th

As far as cadence testing goes - we want to try and work in any specific 
tests during those weeks. [2]

To do that we need to have tests ready.

A suggestion. if for no other reason than to start a discussion, perhaps do

Cadence week 2 - office apps (abiword manual test written, gnumeric in 
Cadence week 3 - empty for the moment
Cadence week 4 - web apps (firefox written, xchat written, thunderbird 
written, pidgin in hand)
Cadence week 5 - empty for the moment
Cadence week 6 - media apps (nothing written)

I've got a testcase in hand for the new greeter.

But we need some pointers as to what we need to work with and some sort 
of prioritisation for them all. There is a bug list for these manual 
tests [3]. Can people look and help with at least prioritising.



[2] (likely to change)

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