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Joan Advincula mj.advincula at
Sat Jun 1 07:04:14 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I don't exactly know how to write a formal proposal but as I have been
informed, given my interest in having a Desktop of the Week
gallery, I should inform the team about it in some form of a proposal.


I propose that there be a "Desktop of the Week" screenshot gallery in

It doesn't have to be center-stage for all Xubuntu screenshots but it would
be nice if it could sit right on the homepage. Not the entire gallery but
just the particular desktop for the week. It should occupy the same space
that the official Xubuntu screenshots is now occupying.

If not, the gallery could be placed in this page:, right next to the official Xubuntu
screenshots gallery.

As to how to gather the needed screenshots, we'd first have to gather some
from you guys, the Xubuntu dev team, then the general Xubuntu community.

Before the first of the feature is ever published, we need to be able to
gather up enough images, then we can keep going.

If there's a different person required for maintaining this gallery besides
the person already maintaining the official screenshots, I would gladly

Thank you.


Joan Advincula
@iamMJae <> ||
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