[Test Report 1] Minimum System Requirement for Xubuntu 12.04 LTS

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Mon Jul 29 16:56:31 UTC 2013


There is no need to over react,  they can still work using 12.04, but 
there is also a way to do it with 13.04 with a little of work. An 
important number of old Thinkpads use a Pentim M processor  (as in the 
case of Joan)  so the are afected by this problem which is the following:

"A number of older Pentium M 
processors produced around 2003-4 (the ones with 400 MHz front side bus) 
do not display the PAE flag, and hence a standard installation fails. 
However, these processors are in fact able to run the latest (and 
PAE-demanding) kernels if only the installation process is modified a 
little. "

As stated in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE, also there are the 
options  you can choose and the procedure to follow, of course in step 6 
you can choose and put xlubuntu-desktop instead.

El 29/07/13 07:33, peter escribió:
> so dear linux-team,
> does it means:
> all old notebooks and computer are to die ?
> there must be a way to keep old maschine alife !
> looking forward to a how to ,
> peter
> Am 29.07.2013 14:19, schrieb Bruno Benitez:
>> Joan, kernel for non-PAE microprocessors was dropped since 12.10, 
>> last ISO with non-PAE kernel support was 12.04, see the release notes 
>> http://xubuntu.org/news/12-04-release/ :)
>> 2013/7/29 Joan Advincula <mj.advincula at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:mj.advincula at gmail.com>>
>>     By the way, I think we also need to clarify the CPU type and
>>     whatnot. (There are still lots of things about CPU's that I don't
>>     understand.)
>>     I tried installing 13.04 on an old IBM ThinkPad and it wouldn't
>>     install because the CPU is missing something, apparently. (It
>>     runs on and Intel Pentium M 1600 MHz.)
>>     Something about pae. I'm still Googling that part though so this
>>     might be irrelevant.
>>     - Joan

David Segura M

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