Manual Test Case Questions (time-admin)

Jack Fromm jjfrv8 at
Sun Jul 28 13:56:38 UTC 2013

I've started working on the manual testcase for the time administration 
tool (Bug #1184676) and have a couple of questions for the devs and QA 

The first problem occurs when you try to switch the configuration from 
'Manual' to 'Keep synchronized with Internet servers'.  Sync requires 
the ntp deamon, which is not installed by default, so time-admin gives 
the option to install it.  Problem is, it doesn't work.  If synaptic is 
not installed, time-admin says it doesn't have the required apps to do 
the install.  If synaptic is installed, time-admin either hangs or 
crashes.  So, knowing this up front, my question is how to write the 
testcase.  Do I say there's a known bug so make sure you install ntp 
manually first?  Or write it up like it's supposed to work and just let 
people keep finding out it doesn't until it's fixed?

The second issue is that the help file is outdated.  It refers to a 
version of time-admin that pre-dates Precise and includes instructions 
on how to choose a time server - an option that is no longer offered.  
Same question here: what should I say about that in the testcase?

Is this utility still being actively developed?  According to the 
changelog, it looks like that last updates happened around Precise.


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