12.04 documentation SRU – Call for reviewers

David Segura M davidseg at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 05:41:27 UTC 2013

El 21/07/13 09:52, Pasi Lallinaho escribió:
> Hello people,
> there's some progress with the 12.04 documentation SRU! To be exact,
> we're now at a point where we have done changes for all the chapters and
> need people review if the documentation is correct. And by we, I mean
> Jack. Thanks!
> If you're running, or can run 12.04, we'd love you to review the
> documentation. Here's how you do it:
> 1) Branch the Precise docs:
>      bzr branch lp:xubuntu-docs/precise xubuntu-docs-precise
> 2) Build the documentation:
>      cd xubuntu-docs-precise
>      sudo apt-get build-dep xubuntu-docs
>      make
> 3) Open the built documentation in a browser:
>      exo-open build/desktop-guide/index.html
> 4) Check if the documentation is correct and report the results on this
> mailing list! We've done changes in chapters 2–8, 11 and 12, but it
> doesn't hurt to go through the rest either.
> If you need help with building the documentation or more details, join
> us in #xubuntu-devel and we'll assist you.
> Cheers,
> Pasi

I have follow the instructions and get the build done with no problems, 
thanks for the step by step instructions. So far I only have found a 
couple of errors: on Chapter 7 Printing and Scanning, on the section 
about installing a scanner the suggested command for editing a file is 
/|gksudo mousepad /etc/sane.d/dll.conf |/|, on precise the default text 
editor is leafpad, so that needs to be changed. And under Chapter 5 
Media Applications it says "||If you try to play an unsupported video 
file, *Parole Media Player* may notify you of a missing plugin. You can 
then install this plugin by following the wizard" I am not really sure 
that Parole 0.3 (the one shipped with precise) has the |missing codec 
detection and installation wizard, but I can not test it, so maybe 
someone else can confirm it.

Hope this helps improving the documentation for precise.

David Segura M

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