My Reports for Thursday's Xubuntu Meeting

Stephen Michael Kellat skellat at
Thu Jul 18 02:05:47 UTC 2013

Since I may or may not be able to be present at the meeting on July 18th, I submit two item reports below:

# More Structured Bugs Handling

Taking into account personnel concerns, we may not be able to have a dedicated Xubuntu group for handling bugs.  The human capital simply is not present.  At this point we can have individuals take action on their own if they wish.

The bug squad has details posted for joining.  First and foremost the Code of Conduct must be signed.  After that the squad's triage guide should be read at <>.  The prospective member should also subscribe to the mailing list via mailman [here](  The moderated team can then be joined at <>.

There is a higher level control squad that sets importance levels and triaged status.  We do not possess sufficient human capital to put individuals forward for that at this time let alone establish a team to approach that as a delegated matter.  At this time it is not recommended to pursue that further.

# Blog post about upgrading being okay and encouraged

Deferred for further action next week.

* * * 

Stephen Michael Kellat

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