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> Thank you for volunteering to run these minimum spec tests!

You are most welcome. It is my pleasure!

> I think it's been a while since anyone has done this.

Testing is one of the most interesting areas in my entire life. I'm very
good in testing these things, specially the minimum system requirement for
any system. I have learned this long time ago because of this experience:

I don't mind to carry on with these tests forever - I just love it.

> Are you doing the tests with virtual machines?

So far, yes. However, Virtual Machine not really my cup of tea. When I
enter the very serious mode, I do this on Real Machines. But, from my
experience, the result won't be different much. Only time wise. For
example, if the installation will last for 30mins on a VM, it might last
longer or shorter with Real Hardware (depends). Concept wise, both are the
same as far as I can tell.

> Could you document how you do the tests and
> what criteria you use so they can be replicated? (ie - what
> applications you open during tests, how you judge whether the
> experience is satisfactory or not)

My pleasure.
What is the best way to do this? I mean, where shall I do this? here? Wiki?
Publish that on my blog?

I have done 3 reports a month ago. Shall I share it with you so you have an
idea of what I do to document these steps?

> For now I think we just want the facts as to what Xubuntu can run and
> make updates to the website accordingly.


> We'll want keep discussions about zRAM as a separate issue (and another
> bug, it's a technical
> change and requires work from our developers, it's not a
> website/documentation issue).

I was heavily involved with adding zRAM by default to Lubuntu Daily Build
for Saucy. Results were quite amazing and great. I have done heavy tests
and results were great. I'm more than ready to carry on the same tests for
Xubuntu if you agree to add it to the daily build. If results won't be good
(I highly doubt that), you can remove it from the daily build. But trust
me, zRAM will add so much. I was one of those who were not interested about
adding zRAM but when I start testing it technically, not theoretically, I
was amazed with the results.

I don't want to make major changes or waste Xubuntu's Devs time. I'm doing
my best to help Xubuntu as much as I can.

Please advise, how to carry on with zRAM topic? shall I start new thread?
file a bug/wishlist?

Thank you!


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