Getting started with the 12.04 Documentation Stable Release Update

Jack Fromm jjfrv8 at
Fri Jul 12 17:53:23 UTC 2013

On 7/12/2013 1:16 PM, Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> There has been interest in helping with the docs lately, so we wanted
> to get rolling with the Stable Release Update (SRU) to the 12.04
> documentation.
> As Pasi explained here[0], we rewrote the documentation in 12.10 cycle
> and now wish to copy those changes back to our 12.04 documentation,
> which was never properly updated. This will require you to go through
> the documentation to find anything that is different between 12.10 and
> 12.04, for instance: in 12.10 we dropped GIMP and Gnumeric so we
> didn't cover it, but we did have them in 12.04 so we will want those
> applications mentioned. Another example would be some menu items
> having been moved around or have changed labels. Note that it is
> definitely OK to review and copy relevant parts from the old
> documentation to the new one.
> Pasi has gone ahead and created this new branch for 12.04 to work on:
> To get the new 12.04 documentation branch where we will push all the
> changes, run the following command: bzr branch lp:xubuntu-docs/precise
> xubuntu-docs-precise
> To get the old 12.04 documentation branch, run the following command:
> bzr branch lp:xubuntu-docs/natty-oneiric xubuntu-docs-precise-old
> This will leave you with two directories, xubuntu-docs-precise and
> xubuntu-docs-precise-old. You will be now able to compare the
> documentation where applicable. Just remember commit the changes to
> the new documentation branch.
> As with the regular documentation contributions Launchpad merge
> requests are more than welcome. If you aren't familiar with those but
> are willing to help, be in touch with us and we'll make the magic
> happen.
> Please feel free to discuss changes or questions here on the mailing
> list or on IRC in #xubuntu-devel. On IRC knome (Pasi) or pleia2
> (myself) should be able to help you with your questions :)
> [0]
Lyz, do I remember hearing that this will get deployed with a point 
release?  If that's correct, when is our freeze date?

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