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Thu Jul 11 23:00:43 UTC 2013

On 12/07/13 01:03, Shawn Barnes wrote:
> Those projects sound great, but I'm not sure I understand. #1 makes
> sense, extending the current documentation, but porting, as in
> translating to a different language? If so I only speak, read, and
> write English. I'll study up on what's currently available and the
> current items within the documentation itself. I've noticed when
> looking through documentation in general it's usually outdated or
> revisions need made. For these projects I do have a question - do you
> recommend using the latest release or the LTS release?

Sorry for being a bit unclear before. Let me describe the background for
the situation:

12.04 was released with outdated documentation, which was the only thing
we had at that time. For 12.10, we made a complete documentation
rewrite. This did not only feature updated contents but also updated looks.

While it is great to have updated documentation from 12.10, the 12.04
documentation is still unfortunately outdated. The 12.04 release will be
supported until April 2015, so we think it's fair to get new, improved
documentation for the LTS users as well. However, it's not as easy as to
just copy the updated documentation to 12.04: not all of the current
documentation is appropriate because of different application versions
and changed default applications.

This is why we need to review the updated documentation to suit the
12.04 release, which is what I clumsily called "porting". Does this make
more sense now?

Regarding your question about the release version: it depends which
mission you are interested in taking part – improving the current
documentation (which is mostly writing) or converting the new
documentation to suit 12.04 (which mostly reviewing and changing
small–medium bits). Remind you, you can always run "the other" release
in a virtualized environment as long as you have some extra resources on
your machine.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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