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Sun Dec 29 10:51:41 UTC 2013

I'm free any day st the normal time as well

- lderan

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On 29/12/13 09:11, Elfy wrote:
> We've got a meeting due for the 2nd January.
> I was talking with Simon in -devel yesterday and we're both of the
> opinion that we need to be discussing where we are with the various
> new to land items.
> Which then led to Simon not actually being available.
> I am wondering how many of us will be available - with time ticking
> rather quickly - what's the consensus on having people say when they
> will be about so we can get as many as possible at the next meeting.
> Elfy
> PS - Simon's not going to be about until the 3 or 4th of January
Of course - it would help if I'd mentioned my availability - which is
any day at all as long as it's at the now 'normal' 19:00UTC

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