Bug #1208204 - "indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin"

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 18:19:22 UTC 2013

The issues with bug #1208204 are these:

(1) The complaints began in July.  As of 70 milliseconds ago, this bug
is not assigned to anyone, with a status of "Undecided", and still
marked as "New" to Ubuntu Studio.
(2) See Peter Flynn's earlier mail.  Well-articulated IMO.
(3) If the indicator-sound package is re-released without a fix to
#1208204 (and this has happened at least once), then you have to apply
the patch again.  Maybe again and again.  And so on.

In message #69 of the bug report, there is an attachment is an automated
patch for XFCE users which obviates the need to manually edit the file
each time indicator-sound is rolled out without a fix to this issue.  It
does take care that it is being used by an XFCE user.  However, it's
still a work-around.   A lesser of evils.

Some other solutions for non-tech users seeking a light-weight desktop:
(1) Go back to Xubuntu 13.04.  Read reviews before attempting an upgrade.
(2) Replace Xubuntu with Lubuntu/LXDE.
(3) Replace Xubuntu with Mint/MATE.

In any of them, users must take care to backup their data somewhere safe
before doing a new ground-up installation.  All of them are disruptive
and personal time-wasters. 


On 12/05/2013 11:12 AM, Bruno Benitez wrote:
> Hi, Pjtor, I am not a programmer, but I see a huge problem with your
> "very easy" fix, you see, xubuntu shares most and almost all their
> setting from mainbuntu, so the file
> /usr/share/dbus-1/services/indicator-sound.service belongs to all the
> *buntu multiverse, changing its content would have affected all the
> flavours and then break the ubuntu's panels. Xubuntu would have needed
> an "special" indicator-sound.service and all the programs that call
> the service would have to be tuned to use this, as far as i understand.
>     Now I readily admit that I'm no developer and I can't fabricate an
>     update package that does this, but *it looks* dead simple to do,
>     in my layman's eyes. And it *would* be a big Public Relations
>     bonus for Xubuntu 13.10.
> It is one of the recommended solutions, to be applied by xubuntu users
> manually, again we can not ship a modified file because it would break
> the rest of the flavours.
> I agree that this was not a nice thing to happen, and that maybe some
> silly workaround (like simply adding a panel launcher to pavucontrol
> as default, or adding a standalone sound applet) might have been
> preferrable, but at the moment no one of us though about this.
> I can not speak for the rest of xubuntu but I feel a bit ashamed that
> we let this go through so far as it did.
> -- 
> Br
> uno.-

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