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Sun Dec 1 14:26:47 UTC 2013

This cycle Ubuntu are not doing 'cadence' testing, but rather an ongoing 
'exploratory' testing affair [1]

Seems to be a request for people to use apps in Trusty and report bugs.

I'm not convinced that this will work for us - history tells me that 
nothing will get done and reported to us unless we actually ask for 
tests to be done for us.

To that end I propose that we carry on with the efforts to carry on with 
running our existing tests at the package tracker.

I've got a draft schedule to call for specific areas of our tracker at 
the pad, if I hear nothing or see changes then I will be running with 
those dates.


In addition we need to plan for testing for the planned new features.

Can those concerned with the following let me know what the current 
state id, when we're likely to see them land, if PPAs are available and 
good enough for us to test with?

GTK3 Indicators.

We've also got plans to use whiskermenu - are we going ahead with this? 
I've got the gtk3 ind's installed here [2] - I've also got whiskermenu 
installed [3] - though that is now available without PPA  - doesn't 
appear on the add to panel menu - is this a conflict with gtk3 indicators?



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