Reviewing and updating the Strategy Document

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Wed Aug 28 09:44:36 UTC 2013

Hello Xubuntu team,

there's now a new proposed Strategy Document revision ready. I have
uploaded it to a personal branch in Launchpad [1]. Discussion about this
should be taken on today's meeting, and decisions to approve or decline

The outline of the changes is:
– Rather than Xubuntu community (LP ~xubuntu-users), only the Xubuntu
team (LP ~xubuntu-team) should be able vote for a new project lead.
– Removed/streamlined some sections, trying to not describe exact
processes in the document (those should rather be described on wiki pages)


P.S. If you are wondering what is the best way to review the changes, I
can recommend "meld", which is a good diff application that is able to
handle line-wrapping as well.


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