Review the installer slideshow

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Wed Aug 14 10:42:15 UTC 2013


last night me and Elizabeth updated the Xubuntu installer slideshow to
match what's in Saucy. We changed some of the text (mostly rewroding
things) and the screenshots as well as the icons. Now, we would love if
you could review the changes (and the slideshow generally).

To review the new slideshow, first branch the... branch:
    bzr branch lp:~knome/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/xubuntu-1310

After that, cd to that directory and run the testing script:
    ./ xubuntu

Now you're good to go!

You can report simple grammar bugs and other trivial changes on this
list. If you think something needs a major revamp, report a bug against
the package [1] and send the bug URL to this list with an explanation so
we can start a discussion.



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