13.10 XMir Live Review

Nosh Ghazanfar nosherwan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 20:35:02 UTC 2013

Hi All,

My experience with the XMir Live distro was pleasant. The reason for that
could be that my hardware is not old, however it is a very modest laptop. I
have a Asus 11 inch laptop (X202E) that has a Celeron and 2gb of ram with
integrated intel graphics card and an upgraded 128gb ssd drive.

For some reason the whole desktop experience was more responsive and fluid
than my standard xubuntu 13.04, which by the way I have tweaked to the max
to run as smooth as possible. For example I have Intel driver installed
with SNA enabled on 13.04, and enabled alot of SSD tweaks. However in full
screen mode firefox youtube videos are choppy (this however is not the case
if they are running in chrome). Overall web browsing was also very smooth
in XMir. I suspect it is the way XMir makes use of the graphics hardware.

The only downside was that xubuntu took 340mb or ram on boot rather than
the standard 200mb. However no other ubuntu derivative with decent eye
candy takes even 340mb nowadays so I could live with that.

Nosh Ghazanfar*
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