[Testing Report 1] Xubuntu Saucy with MIR

Bruno Benitez gridcube at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 17:48:08 UTC 2013

>>"After booting the system, a terminal window with the
unity-system-compositor log will display. To confirm that you are running
XMir, type ps ax | grep system-comp" - I did not yet see this and have no
idea what do you mean by "after booting the system"? what system" the Live
Session? after installing?

that means that if you really want to know if you are running xmir you can
open a new terminal, type that and you will see if it says xmir or not

>>Anything specific you would like to test or check? let me know.

what we really really need its real hardware tests, doing a live session
test its enough, make a dvd or a usb boot and give it a kick, vm are not
true enough for our objective at this subject, they work for other xubuntu
tests, like standard release tests, but in this case we need to know how it
behaves in a wide wide wide variety of hardware, the extreme the cases the
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