Blueprint: "Xubuntu Issues: The 'Saucy' Cycle"

Stephen Michael Kellat skellat at
Fri Apr 26 12:20:07 UTC 2013

Greetings from the family waiting room at The Cleveland Clinic this
morning as I am on the road.

Notwithstanding the upcoming leader election, I have registered a
blueprint on Launchpad to start putting together issues we want to
discuss as we get set to head into the Saucy Salamander cycle.  I've put
two items up on the list already and other proposals can be added. 
Ideally bullet points should go on the list and pages should be put on
the wiki to back things up.  In reality, we'll roll with the punches.

The blueprint is located for now here:

That link *may* break in the run up to the Ubuntu Developer Summit.  The
reason for that is that we may shift tracks from the client track to the
community track potentially.  The Summit will once again be held
virtually and registration can be made at for those interested in the proceedings.
 The current list of approved blueprints is here and already looks to be
rather heavy on the Juju framework:

So, again, if you have issues you want to discuss heading into the Saucy
Salamander cycle edit the Whiteboard here:

Stephen Michael Kellat

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