Articles needed for a special edition of a magazine about Ubuntu Flavors

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at
Mon Apr 8 01:48:56 UTC 2013

On Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 6:06 PM, Richard Dennis <rdennis at> wrote:
> No, I was waiting for an emailed reply, but I'll get started on it tonight.
> How many words does this need to be? Screenshots? General guidelines,
> anything?
> Please let me know. I'll get started, email you what I have tomorrow, and
> you can critique.

Oops, sorry about that. All the guidelines we have are here:

Essentially: "Each article should be 2 to 8 printed pages, each page
should expect to have have 2500 characters and 2 screen shots/images."
2500 characters ends up being about 500 words, so the article should
be at least 1000 words.

Screenshots are great, just make sure they are done with a pristine
desktop (default theme, background, etc). If you aren't able to do
this, just leave a comment in the text of the article saying you need
someone to make the screenshot and I'll take care of it when I do the
screenshots for my own articles.

Looks like the etherpad is still down :( hopefully it'll come back by

Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2

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