xubuntu 13.04: gtk3 themes broken?

Kristian Rink kr at zimmer428.net
Tue Apr 2 18:09:51 UTC 2013

Hi Simon, all;

Am 02.04.2013 17:50, schrieb Simon Steinbeiß:
> What is "GreyDay"? That's definitely not a theme that we ship by
> default, so better consult the theme-author. With respect to
> Greybird, could you please check which version you're using or from
> where you got it?

Hmmm, seems indeed a custom theme still living in my .themes for a
while. Strange, as this "issue" on the two machines actually appears
with Grey/BlueBird, as well. Yet:

> This is definitely not a known issue and I can't reproduce that here.
> In order to track this properly, I'd like to ask you to file a bug
> report against the shimmer-themes package – at least for the Greybird
> portion of the problem. 

I will try to hunt it down. Actually, I can reproduce it on both netbook
and laptop, yet after downloading a "clean" nightly Xubuntu 13.04 ISO
and booting into this, things work as expected with any of the *bird
themes. Strange. Feeling a bit dumb right now for not trying this
earlier. I'll see whether I can find what's going on here. Thanks for
your help, meanwhile, greatly appreciated.

All the best,

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