xubuntu 13.04: gtk3 themes broken?

Simon Steinbeiß simon.steinbeiss at elfenbeinturm.at
Tue Apr 2 15:50:11 UTC 2013

Hi Kristian,

On Sat, 30 Mar 2013 20:29:19 +0100
Kristian Rink <kr at zimmer428.net> wrote:

> running Xubuntu 13.04 current builds on two different machines, I just
> recently am experiencing issues with theming in GTK3 based applications.
> Please see image attached (gthumb menu). Tried GreyDay and GreyBird
> theme it always comes down to these black lines between menu items, plus
> fonts looking different in menus here and there, too.

What is "GreyDay"? That's definitely not a theme that we ship by default, so better consult the theme-author. With respect to Greybird, could you please check which version you're using or from where you got it?

> Is this a known issue or just my machine? Anything to be done to track
> and eventually resolve (or at least work around) this?

This is definitely not a known issue and I can't reproduce that here. In order to track this properly, I'd like to ask you to file a bug report against the shimmer-themes package – at least for the Greybird portion of the problem. (For GreyDay you'll have to contact the author of that theme.)


PS: Currently there is a menubar-problem in Greybird that I'm aware of, I hope we can get the fix uploaded soon.

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