Orca and xfce

Jonathan Nadeau j.nadeau at charter.net
Tue Sep 18 23:18:34 UTC 2012

Sadly Orca doesn't work with webkit. There is a package being worked on 
called webkit-gtk but it is not finished yet.

   On 09/18/2012 06:08 PM, James Freer wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Sep 2012, Bruno Benitez wrote:
>> Johnatan, while you wait for a better response you could try 
>> alternative browers, like
>> the xfce's project one Midori, you can also try Chromium?
>> -- 
>> Bruno.-
> I did a bit of 'browser research' a few months ago. I found Chrome the 
> least buggy and it seems google do a bit of tidying on chromium. You 
> can remove the google tracking on chrome if you wish [some folk don't 
> like google logging their use!].
> james

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