Documentation rewriting, reviewing and converting schedule

Jack Fromm jjfrv8 at
Wed Sep 5 00:38:50 UTC 2012

Here's where I stand on the sections I've been working:

Section 6. Printing and Scanning 
- is still blank
Printing <> is 
ready for review
Scanning <> has 
not been touched yet. I don't have a scanner to test with.

Section 7. Managing Installed Applications 
     Main page and all sub-pages ready for review.

NOTE: _The two sections above are the only ones I have gone through to 
check that the menu hierarchy and wording match the latest Quantal 
changes which appeared last week. The sections mentioned below still 
have the old terminology._

Section 3. Getting to know your desktop environment 
     Pasi and I both worked on these but I think they are all ready for 
review. Customizing the appearance 
is marked as complete.

Section 5. Internet and Networks
Network Connections 
<> is 
ready for review
<> - 
bluesabre and I have both worked on this one. I'm okay with it.
Connecting to Servers 
<> - 
Pasi did this one and I just reviewed. Looks okay to me.

Section 8. Keeping your computer safe 
- Pasi did the main section and I did the sub-sections. I think they're 
all ready.

Section 9. Hardware Devices 
<> - I 
think the whole section is ready except for Mice and Keyboards 
That hasn't been touched since the initial copy.

Comments and/or questions welcome.
Jack Fromm

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