Implementation of a mouse adaptor relevator

Alessandro Yahoo alessandro.suglia at
Sun Sep 2 08:14:24 UTC 2012

Hello to everyone, it's a pleasure for me to post here and try to 
contribute( just a few ) to this big and wonderful project.
My name is Alessandro Suglia and I just want to propose to you a simple 
tool that this distro doesn't have, and I'm thinking about a specific 
program which recognize that a mouse adaptor was inserted and after that 
grant to you to choose which device do you want to use from that moment 
For example, in my case,  if I'm using my notebook and I connect my 
mouse device, I can still use the touchpad and I have to disable it from 
the "Settings Panel".
I find it quite uncomfortable so I think that could be a good idea to 
create a specific daemon which recognize this type of situation and 
grant to the user the possibility to manage this kind of problem, giving 
to him the possibility to switch directly from the panel, the device 
that he wants to continue to use.

I hope that this will be a good start point for you and also, I hope 
that this idea won't be useless.


Alessandro Suglia

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