bug with encrypted volumes at boot

Rob moo.moomoo.mr at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 27 03:10:12 UTC 2012

xubuntu 12.10

On a fresh install using LVM + encyption there is a installation bug 
with the keyboard layout. Using an encryption passphrase of say:


will work fine and upon reboot, and the system takes you to the login 
screen. But if you use an encryption password of


It will fail. I believe this is because the keymap is not getting loaded 
before the encrypt hook? And it is defaulting to US English (rather than 
the UK Engligh I specified on installation).

I tested by reinstalling and using:


as the passphrase, and upon reboot, it is not accepted, but entering


Is accepted as the passphrase, this is due to the difference in layout 
from US to UK keyboards.

shift + 2 = @, on a US layout

shift + ' = @, on a UK layout

Hope I have explained this well ...

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