Quantal Testcase Documents Have Old Menu Paths

Jack Fromm jjfrv8 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 00:59:29 UTC 2012

I wanted to report to the team a very minor issue with the testcase 
document for the Quantal release candidate. The document in question is 
the Post-installation Desktop 
<http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1434/info> test. The issue 
is with the menu path callouts. Some of them still use the old Precise 
wording or path.

Listed below are the affected sections, the wording in the current 
document and the suggested revisions.

Applications -> Settings -> Language Support
Applications -> Settings Manager -> Language Support

*New User*
Applications -> System -> Users and Groups
Applications -> Settings Manager -> Users and Groups

Applications -> System -> Printing
Applications -> Settings Manager -> Printers

Graphics -> Simple Scan
Applications -> Graphics -> Simple Scan

The i386 and amd64 testcases both reference the same document.

Respectfully submitted,
Jack Fromm

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