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Lionel Le Folgoc mrpouit at ubuntu.com
Thu May 31 17:01:09 UTC 2012


On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 05:20:51PM +0300, Andrej Znidarsic wrote:
> Hello Xubuntu developers!
> My name is Andrej Znidarsic and I am a member of Ubuntu translations
> coordinators team.
> As you might know untill now only packages in main have been translatable
> in Launchpad and shipped in language packs.

Yep, Xubuntu was in main 4 years ago. ;-)

> Recently we added a feature to give universe packages an opt-in possibility
> to be translatable in Launchpad and their
> translations shipped in language packs. This means translators would be
> able to use Launchpad's infrastructure for translations and updated
> translations will be shipped as SRU after the final version is released.
> In order to enable a universe package to be translatable in Launchpad, only
> two modifications are needed in the package (additional info on the wiki
> URL [1]):
> 1. Add X-Ubuntu-Use-Langpack: yes to debian/control's source record
> 2. Use dh_translations to generate a POT file during the build process.
> Development cycle for Quantal has just started so it would be ideal time to
> try this out.
> I believe this would be a great feature for Xubuntu users to have.
> Would you be interested/have time to do these modifications and enable
> translations for the xfce4* source packages and other mayor Xubuntu
> packages such as Abiword in Launchpad?
> Let me know if you have any questions / problems implementing this.

Xfce translations are managed in a single place:
Translations made there benefit to *all* distributions.

I'm afraid that doing that the Launchpad way would be a rather selfish
move from us, since changes (fixed typos and new languages) would only
appear in Xubuntu, unless I'm mistaken.

Does Launchpad/Rosetta offer translators the possibility to easily
compare translations with the upstream ones and export only new
languages and modified strings? (download+diff is not an option). Or a
notification of some sort, maybe? Then it's trivial to forward changes
If it does not, I'd rather encourage people to join Xfce translation
teams directly.

In 2008, when Xubuntu was demoted to universe and therefore removed from
Rosetta, we had to manually export Xubuntu translations, compare each po
file with its upstream equivalent, lucky-guess whether changes were
useful or not, and forward them to the upstream translators. That's why
I'm so wary of Launchpad/Rosetta new features. :)


Lionel Le Folgoc
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