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Sat May 19 01:18:09 UTC 2012

Hi people and beloved developers of my unique and glorious operating
system. My name is Santiago Roland. I'm from Uruguay, South America and
I've been an Ubuntu/Xubuntu user since 2006. I also participate in many
Ubuntu LoCo activities in my local group and also do a lot of bug
reporting. I'm not a programmer or developer. I'm just an astronomer
finishing my grade studies and work at the Los Molinos Astronomical
Observatory here in Uruguay in which use Ubuntu as our main image
processing platform. I do a little programming maybe in python and
mostly science-oriented languages. I would be glad to here what you are
up to in this mailing list and maybe suggest things for improving XFCE
desktop and Xubuntu distro.

I kind test things with myself and my wife that knows absolutely nothing
about computers and just wants the PC to work and be easy to use. This
perspective is different from maybe a skilled programmer or user. I also
teach basic computer course in a NGO, to old people in the 50-70 age
range and we use Ubuntu Linux for this. So i get a lot of feedback from
very inexperienced users that developers maybe want to hear about.

I just and this mail by congratulate you for the great job you all do.

Best regards,

Santiago Roland.-
openPGP key: 04DF8076
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